Date Night (With Myself): The Pros and Cons of going to the Movies Alone

Have you ever been to the movies alone? It can be very rewarding or it can be stressful especially if you are like me who cannot afford to miss a thing, but there are times you can feel awkward. So you may be wondering how is this is even a taboo. In Jamaica, going to the movies all by yourself is considered a no-no. “You can’t go to the movies by yourself!” or “I rather stay home than go alone” are some of the responses I get whenever I mention my solo mission to watch a show. Come on people! Is it really that bad?

Here are some things I would like to point out from my perspective of course.


  1. You will be early because there is no one keeping a seat for you.
  2. Enough time to buy food before the movie starts.
  3. Smiling to yourself because there are sad and anxious people waiting for their company to arrive.
  4. No one beside you asking questions and distracting you.
  5. You only spend on yourself (very cost effective).
  6. You can be very invisible.
  7. You won’t be embarrassing anyone but yourself if you do something silly.
  8. Having a great sense of freedom.
  9. You can watch back to back movies.


  1. No one is keeping a seat for you.
  2. You better buy all the food you need for the entire show.
  3. Hiding yourself because some guy thinks the cinema is a pick up spot.
  4. No one to talk to during intermission.
  5. No one spending on you.
  6. Some may see you as pitiful.
  7. You won’t be embarrassing anyone but yourself if you do something silly.
  8. If you end up missing no one will know.
  9. No hanging out afterwards, just head straight home.