This so called ‘Oldest Profession’

Seriously now what is the world’s beef with Prostitution? If it’s the oldest profession, dating back hundreds of years, then why is it still taboo. Not even Jesus condemn it:

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. – John 8:7 (Christian Bible)

Ok, let me slow down a bit. Ahem! Let’s look at this from a logical point of view. Many women, now more than ever due to the economic crisis, do not want to date, to be engaged or marry to a man that doesn’t have the potential to provide some sort of financial security. Now ladies be honest with yourself, do you want to be with cheapskate, broke-ass or poor man? HELL NO!!! So what’s wrong with prostitution if you are doing it too? So double standard, or should I say hypocritical.

First we need to understand the different types of Prostitutes:

  1. Escorts/Call Girls – These are expensive, exclusively for those who can afford it, they will perform almost any and everything , both conceivable and inconceivable sexual acts. They do regular HIV/STI check-ups, they will not try to destroy their clients relationships and reputations. They are very professional. They are not easily identified by the common folk.
  2. Golddiggers – They look good, love money, are affordable are easily identified (they will only associate with and hop from one to the next the rich person or celebrity openly). Their sexual skills are not required to be high. No one knows if they are disease/infection free. They might get pregnant to get a hold of their target’s money.
  3. Street Prostitutes/Ladies of the Night – They are on the street, are very affordable, they may be as highly skilled as Escorts however their status is pretty much unknown. They work harder and longer than the first two types.

Good now that we have some more clarity, let’s continue. What a woman does with her body is none of my business. I do not condemn anyone who exchanges sex for money (or vice versa). I see prostitution like any other job: you get paid for your time and skills. These women, from all three categories, definitely have to eat, wear clothes, pay bills and take care of their dependents like anyone else. Who am I to judge when I do not know what forced them to chose that path?

One thing is for certain,  prostitutes can help keep marriages intact as long as the partner does not find out, if not you’ll be like Tiger Woods.