Condemn one, condemn all

Hi there. I haven’t made an entry in months. So why did I decide to pop up today? There were two major protests by the Christian Church against homosexuals in Jamaica, this past weekend. It was about two weeks ago a co-worker of mine was asking everyone to sign a petition to fight against the removal of the buggery laws…I refused. No, I’m not gay but I just simply do not have anything against anyone’s sexual preference…well when it comes to babies, minors, rape, then I want some jungle justice to save taxpayers’ money on the scum of society. Woosaaaah. Ok back to the topic.

“We are against it, for God is against it, so it cannot be right,” said Allen Harris, who sat on his bicycle praying.

So having read this article (see link above) and analysing the views of what people think about homosexuality, why should buggery be singled out from the Bible when there are other sins being committed? Fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, murdering, and God knows the list goes on, are not right and according to the Christian Bible (no matter the version or language), God is against them all too.

“Ye without sin, cast the first stone, ” was what Jesus said in the Bible. I can bet that the same persons condemning homosexuality are guilty of things that a sinner like myself just may not be able to stomach. What upsets me most is that murderers, child molesters and rapists are not being condemned at this level. Duppy really know who fi frighten.

Until fornicators and adulteres are stoned to death, thieves get their hands cut off, rapists made geldings…I say leave homosexuals alone.

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